5 Bedroom Wall Décor Ideas for Shabby-Chic Look

Shabby-chic is a style that combines vintage, casual elements with elegance to create exceptional look. Your bedroom wall décor ideas can reflect this style perfectly. Even if your room is small, you can create a chic, comfortable look with vintage touch. A shabby chic design will make your room looks elegant and casual at the same time. Furthermore, you can achieve this look with the right bedroom wall décor ideas. Some of them are even easy enough, and do not require too much money to apply.

Bedroom Wall Décor Ideas with Shabby Chic Theme (Toobe8)

Bedroom Wall Décor Ideas with Shabby Chic Theme (Toobe8)

Bedroom Wall Décor Ideas: 5 Shabby-Chic Décor Examples

There are so many options, which you can try for shabby chic look. However, if you do not know where to start, here are 5 examples of shabby-chic decoration styles in a bedroom:

Decorative Lighting, Printed Curtain, Decorative Frames

Even if you have a small bedroom, which is usually associated with minimalist look, do not be afraid to experiment. Shabby-chic look requires you to incorporate textures and various colors. Decorative lighting such as chandelier goes great with wooden floor, vintage printed curtains, and textured bedcover or rug. Add black-and-white photos with decorative frames from brass or bronze.

Wall Decal, Printed Curtains, and Decorative Mirror

If you have smooth wall texture, colorful decal can be a great decoration. Colorful wall decal on white walls, combined with decorative mirror and printed curtains are great bedroom wall décor ideas. They bring brightness in the room. You can use motifs such as nature-related picture, decorative lines, or flower garden. Add colorful furniture items such as lampshades, and brightly-colored floor rug as well.

Shabby chic bedroom with printed curtain (Freshdesignpedia)

Shabby chic bedroom with printed curtain (Freshdesignpedia)

Mixed Artworks on Brightly-Colored Wall

If you have wall with bright primary color, such as yellow or light green, you can make a “shabby creative chic” look with random artworks. You can stick pencil sketches, vintage movie poster, unused gear, small decorative mirror, printed artworks from various styles, and photographs. The random element makes the room looks like a room of highly creative individual.

Memorable Decorative Corner

If you have a lot of memorable stuffs from your past, why don’t give them special corner in the room? They may include things like small trinkets from your grandma’s house or old photographs and handicrafts from your parents. Make one side of the wall a place for these bedroom wall décor ideas. Put a cabinet or large storage chest on this side, and arrange all of the photos, artworks, pictures, trinkets, and accessories you acquire from your childhood. This will create a focal point in the room.

Shabby chic bedroom with decorative corner (Drawhome)

Shabby chic bedroom with decorative corner (Drawhome)

Old-School Clock, Ceramic Plates, and Text Decoration

Old-school wall clock, with typical round shape, black rim, white background and black numbers can be a great vintage decoration. Add some ceramic plates as wall decoration but combine them with decorative text prints or decal (with your favorite sentences, motivational words or perhaps song lyrics), to combine both vintage and modern.

Shabby-chic is a style you can choose to create a great combination between vintage and modern. The bedroom wall décor ideas from this style will make even the smallest room looks great and not boring.

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