Apartment Decorating Ideas for Creative College Students

When you think of “student’s apartment,” you probably imagine small, smelly, messy room. However, apartment decorating ideas for students now become more and more creative, especially with numerous inspirations from the internet. While most college students can only stay at small rooms or apartments, there are numerous ideas to decorate the room with something that shows personality, without being too shabby or messy.

Apartment Decorating Ideas with monochromatic touch (Rukle)

Apartment Decorating Ideas with monochromatic touch (Rukle)

Whether you want something adult-like, cheerful, neat or Bohemian, there are many apartment decorating ideas you can apply for college student boarding room or apartment.

Apartment Decorating Ideas for College Students

With some creativity, all college students can turn their rooms or apartments into comfortable, eye-catching, and trendy residence. Here are 5 creative ideas to apply:

Artsy Poster Collage

Posters are like staple decoration in college student’s apartment or bedroom, but why stop at one or two scattered posters on the wall? Create collage of posters to make the room more artsy and colorful. Combination between movie posters, artistic music posters and iconic celebrity posters can be stuck on the wall very close together to create colorful collage.

Monochrome Touch

Monochrome touch is the easy answer to invite neat, elegant, and contemporary look. Keep the decoration minimal, but play with various textures and patterns to create black-and-white apartment or bedroom (perhaps with a little bursts of other colors here and there, but they should not dominate). Monochrome tone is not a common option for apartment decorating ideas for students, but you can change that notion now.

Student apartment decor with colorful texture (Homegoid)

Student apartment decor with colorful texture (Homegoid)

Play With Soft Rugs and Colorful Textures

This is a great choice if you live in college-standard apartment, which is usually bare and having neutral palette. Soft rugs and colorful textures will make the room alive. If you don’t like having too many things in standard student apartment, apply these colors and textures on rugs, pillows, bed covers, or curtains; things that you definitely use for a long time and easy to pack if you move out.

Mural or Wall Art

If it is okay for you to paint over the wall, consider having mural or wall art, or at least having bright primary color paint job. Walls are important elements in apartment decorating ideas even simple repainting job can make all the difference. In addition, if your apartment walls are quite dingy or having mold stain (especially if they are old), paint job will cover it nicely. Just make sure you are allowed to do this, especially if you live at a college-owned student apartment.

College Student apartment decor with wall mural (Coveragehd)

College Student apartment decor with wall mural (Coveragehd)

Decorative Lighting and Mirror

Good lighting can make the difference between small, gloomy room and small, cozy room. You can use hanging fixture to give different look in the room, or a standing lamp to illuminate dark corner. Choose fixture or standing lamp that has “characteristics,” such as vintage lamp or funky hanging lamp. This way, the room will look more personal and stylish.

College student apartment may be humble or standard looking, but with the right apartment decorating ideas, you can make this humble residence a cheerful, comfortable place to live and study.

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