Bedroom Design Ideas: 5 Ways to Incorporate Animal Themes

Animal themes are not just for kids or those with nature-themed lovers; many bedroom design ideas incorporate animal themes and prints to create diverse ranges of design. From animal figures to animal pictures, artworks and patterns, there are many ways you can incorporate animal-related designs to a bedroom. The animals can be the main focal points, or as accents. You do not need to stick with “nature-themed” design; there are many bedroom design ideas you can make by incorporating animal elements.

Bedroom Design Ideas with Animal Wall Art (Homesplanning)

Bedroom Design Ideas with Animal Wall Art (Homesplanning)

Bedroom Design Ideas with Animal Themes

Get creative with your animal-theme ideas and make your bedroom more alive. Here are 5 ways for you to incorporate animal-related design elements in a bedroom with various designs and styles:

Contemporary Animal Artworks

Installing contemporary artworks with animal themes is a great way to actually put animal pictures in a bedroom and create modern look at the same time. If you do not want to have “nature-themed look” in your room but still want to incorporate animals, contemporary artworks can be your choice.

Use Animal Patterns as Accent

Animal patterns are common elements in bedroom design ideas, but some people are afraid in using them without being overwhelmed by complicated patterns. To prevent your room from being overwhelmed by patterns, use animal prints or patterns as accents. For example, you can keep your bed and sofa simple, but use zebra or leopard print pillows to decorate them.

Bedroom design with leopard print (Rilane)

Bedroom design with leopard print (Rilane)

Use Animal Prints and Rugs

Adding animal theme into the room can be a simple task since you do not have to use the animal figures or pictures. Animal prints on your pillows and animal skin rug on the floor are enough to immediately bring attention to the animal theme, even without using any animal pictures. If you have certain feeling about animal skin/fur rug, you can buy the synthetic imitation instead. It may be cheaper, but it is still be able to give good animal impression in the bedroom.

Use Contrasting Elements in Contemporary Bedroom

Using animal element in minimalist, contemporary bedroom is a great way to create refreshing contrast. For example, you may decorate your bedroom with minimalist style and natural color combo such as white, light blue and green. However, you add rustic animal rug or pillows with animal prints. The contrasting elements are great ideas for modern bedroom design ideas, especially if you want something that looks very modern but not boring.

Bedroom design with animal-printed rug (Livingandkitchen)

Bedroom design with animal-printed rug (Livingandkitchen)

Incorporate International Elements

What if you prefer something more colorful, but without using too many animal prints? Apply the “international theme” design elements to the bedroom. Use elements from various cultures such as linen pillowcase and bed cover with Indian pattern, Spanish scarves or Central American tapestry as decorations, Asian statues, animal rugs, and a bit animal patterns such as on the sofa, feet bolster, or sofa pillows. The international theme goes well with animal themes, but be reasonable with the amount of animal prints you use.

Animal theme is not uncommon in various bedroom design ideas. However, you can incorporate various elements to create diverse choices of design.

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