Bedroom Themes Ideas Inspired from The Sea for Kids – Do you find it difficult to teach your kid to sleep in his own bedroom? Many parents out there face the same problems. As a parent, you certainly need privacy, but it becomes a problem, when the kids do not want to sleep in their bedroom. If you have tried many tricks and found them fail, why don’t you try to change their bedroom them? If your kids love the sea, you can choose one of sea-inspired bedroom themes ideas below. Involve them in choosing his favorite design, and they will love it and feel comfortable inside the bedroom.

Bedroom themes ideas inspired from aquarium (Bluescholars)

Bedroom themes ideas inspired from aquarium (Bluescholars)

Sea-Inspired Bedroom Themes Ideas for Kids

The following are some bedroom themes ideas, which are inspired from the sea and marine life, for your kids. Sea themes are favorite options among girls and boys. Therefore, you just need to adjust the decor ideas. Here are three of them:

The Aquarium Life

Make them feel as if there were in a giant aquarium and playing with beautiful fishes. As you can see in the picture above, one wall in the kid’s bedroom is turned into a focal point by painting underwater life on it. This bedroom theme is ideal for toddlers and school-aged kids, as they love colorful things, right?. You can have the wall painted with beautifully colored fishes, crabs, shrimps, seahorse, seaweed, and many other sea creatures.

This bedroom theme will bring the kid’s imagination to the beautiful underwater life. You can decorate the rest of the bedroom based on the main theme. For instance, put a bed with sail-like accent on one corner, a sea-themed carpet on the floor, and some toys with the relevant theme.

Nautical Bedroom

This is one of the greatest bedroom themes ideas for boy. Make him feel like a little captain by decorating his bedroom in such a way that pictures a sailor life. Let him sail away to the dreamland by putting sailor-related accessories in his bedroom. For instance, you can put a boat-shaped bed, a nautical  flag, a lifeboat miniature, and related decor items. You can also put a custom headboard, which is inspired from nautical map.

Kid bedroom theme inspired from nautical life (Furnikidz)

Kid bedroom theme inspired from nautical life (Furnikidz)

As you can see in the sample picture above, the boy’s bedroom really reflects a sailor life. The bedroom is dominated by blue, grey, red, and white, thus representing the natural aspects. This is also a creative way on how to educate the kids to know the nautical life in a closer way.

The Beach Paradise

This is one of creative bedroom themes ideas for girls. Bring her imagination to the enchanting summer by decorating her bedroom with summer-inspired theme. A sea-themed wall mural with a giant painting of coconut tree plus a miniature canopy on the corner of the bedroom really represents the beach beauty. The bedroom is dominated by broken white, soft blue and sandy hues. Your little girl will certainly love it.

Beach Themed Bedrooms - Ideas Home Designs Decoration

Beach Themed Bedrooms – Ideas Home Designs Decoration

Finding great bedroom themes ideas for kids is not as difficult as you thought. The kids usually speak up about their favorite things. You can begin from what they love. When they feel like living in their imagination, the bedroom will be their favorite place in your house. Read too: Kitchen Design Layout Types and Examples for Small Home and Home Decor Ideas for Small Homes for Spacious Look.

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