Contemporary Kitchen Ideas with Red Backsplash

If you spend a lot of times in the kitchen, do not stick with boring design. Contemporary kitchen ideas with red backsplash are great to create unique, exceptional look in the most important room. You can use various shades of red, incorporate red in textures or patterns, and combine various design elements to create the kitchen of your dream. The red color is particularly a great design element for non-boring kitchen. Therefore, you should not be afraid of experimenting with red colors.

Contemporary Kitchen Ideas with red (Fashionretailnews)

Contemporary Kitchen Ideas with red (Fashionretailnews)

Contemporary Kitchen Ideas: 5 Ways to Use Red

There are so many ways to use red in contemporary kitchen ideas. They include using certain materials or combining red shades to create specific look. Here are several ideas to include red backsplash and elements in the design:

Red Backsplash behind Countertop

If you have countertop that is integrated with cabinet and wall, you can use red as backsplash behind this countertop. This creates a focal point that signifies important working space. If you have small kitchen and want to use a lot of white color, you can use striking red or scarlet as backsplash. Incorporate other small red elements such as red lamp or red stools.

Mosaic Tile as Backsplash

Red mosaic tile gives classic, warm look in a modern kitchen. You can use red mosaic tile as backsplash alongside the cabinet countertop and stove. However, let the other space bare with neutral color. Combining this kind of tile backsplash with light-toned wooden cabinet and floor are popular in various contemporary kitchen ideas. This is especially the case if you do not want to make the kitchen looks too “modern” or sterile.

Contemporary kitchen with red backsplash (Houzz)

Contemporary kitchen with red backsplash (Houzz)

Red Backsplash and Countertop

Red backsplash and red integrated countertop against white cabinets is eye-catching. You can combine them with stainless appliances for even more contemporary look. Combine this look with grey or black floor and contemporary hanging lamp for chic, modern kitchen. You can also use patterned tile floor with red in the details.

Exposed Bricks against Stainless and White

Exposed bricks are favorite materials to create “rustic trendy” look. Nonetheless, combining red exposed bricks with contrasting modern elements is one of popular contemporary kitchen ideas. You can use red exposed bricks as full walls or backsplash. However, combine this look with stainless kitchen appliances and white cabinets or other furniture items. You can add contemporary hanging lamp and abstract artwork to create a gallery look in the kitchen, making it an even better place to hang out.

Contemporary kitchen with exposed brick (Hgtvhome)

Contemporary kitchen with exposed brick (Hgtvhome)

Red Domination

Once in a while, you need to “let go.” Incorporating red as a dominant color is something that only the contemporary design era can imagine. Use red backsplash (paint of tiles), red kitchen appliances, plates and cups, and red chairs around the dining table. Have flower vase with red flowers in it (realistic plastic flowers will do). Use neutral colors to “break” the redness, such as dark wood cabinets and beige or white floor.

Do not be afraid of using red in contemporary kitchen ideas. With good planning, you can get amazing contemporary look without making the kitchen look too garish.

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