DIY Bedroom Décor Ideas That Teenage Girls Love. Beautiful! – Teenage girls love making personal statement in their bedrooms, and for the creative type, DIY bedroom décor ideas are the best way to decorate bedroom with personal touch. From the simple to the super complicated, creativity and ideas can turn a regular bedroom in beautiful, personal room, even with cheap materials. Decorating bedroom with DIY crafts is also a great activity to do during weekend or holiday.

DIY bedroom décor ideas for teens (Fashionschoolguide)

DIY bedroom décor ideas for teens (Fashionschoolguide)

These DIY bedroom décor ideas are easy to do and can be done by anyone. You can modify each project with your own twists to put even more personal touch in each craft.

DIY Bedroom Décor Ideas: 4 Simple Ideas

These projects can be done with simple materials you can but with cheap price at craft store or bookstore. Here are 4 projects you can start now to decorate a teen girl’s room:

Hanging heart craft

This wall decoration requires a piece of long wood, some lace, colorful craft papers, cardboard, string, glue, and lace. Create a heart cutout from cardboard and use it to make colorful heart shapes. Create strings of hearts by connecting 7 to 8 hearts with a string (make the color random). Tie each string on the wood and secure it with transparent tape. After the wood is filled from end to end with strings, cover it with glue and lace. You can replace heart with other shapes that you like.

Teen bedroom with heart-shaped decor (Ovnis)

Teen bedroom with heart-shaped decor (Ovnis)

Wall décor from used CDs

CDs are so last decade, so if you have lots of unused old CDs, turn them into wall decorations. CD plates are popular materials in various DIY bedroom décor ideas, but this one requires only the CDs and Strong glue. Simply create a pattern in bedroom wall using these CD plates. You may want to create the outline of the pattern first, so all you need to do is sticking the plates one by one.

Cupcake wrapper flowers

Cupcake wrapper already has vague flower-like shape, so you can modify it a little to create wall decoration. Get a package of white, plain cupcake wrappers. Flatten them and snip the edge vertically, four times with the same distance between each other, until they look “split” and have more flower-like shape. Color them with pink, red, or other combo you like until they resemble flower, and stick them one by one on the wall using hot glue. Again, make the design first before sticking the cupcake wrappers.

Teen bedroom with glass vase decors (Modern-bed)

Teen bedroom with glass vase decors (Modern-bed)

Glitter glass vases

Simple glass jars or even glass bottles (such as milk bottles) are popular materials for DIY bedroom décor ideas. While putting flowers inside them are common, what if you fill the bottom with colorful glitter? Pick your favorite color to match the room design, fill the jar or bottle until it reaches the third or half part, and put imitation flowers that you like.

There are still many types of décor you can make to decorate teenage girl’s bedroom, but even the simplest DIY bedroom décor ideas can turn an otherwise ordinary room into a beautiful personal space. Yap. Enjoy with your bedroom. Another room design ideas: Kitchen Design for Small Space: Large View Solution. WOW! and DIY Home Décor Ideas to Do with Your Kids on Weekend. BEST!

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