DIY Home Décor Ideas to Do with Your Kids on Weekend. BEST! – Decorating home with DIY crafts is not something uncommon, but what if you can apply DIY home décor ideas with your kids? Finding child-friendly DIY projects that don’t look childish to decorate home can be difficult, but it doesn’t mean that you cannot find one. Danyelle Matthews, interior designer who also creates child-friendly DIY projects to decorate house, has some great ideas for DIY home décor ideas you can do with your kids as weekend or holiday projects. The results are pretty but do not look childish. You can display them proudly in the house.

DIY Home Décor Ideas made of unused earrings (Ideasfrommetoyou)

DIY Home Décor Ideas made of unused earrings (Ideasfrommetoyou)

DIY Home Décor Ideas to Start with Kids Right Now

If you want to immediately start the DIY projects this weekend, take a look at some of Matthews’ great ideas:

Wall decoration from unused earrings

If you or your daughters have a lot of old, cheap earrings scattered unused around the house, you can turn them into pretty wall decorations. Together with your children, prepare small photo frames and lace, remove the glass panels from the frames, stick the lace on the back to form the “background,” and stick the old earrings on them.

Birds on branch

Small birds you can find at craft store can be great DIY home décor ideas, with the help of a regular branch, a pot, and soil. Look for a discarded/fallen branch with the proper size. Buy small, real-like birds in various colors from the craft store. Clean the branch, and stick the birds on the branch together with your kids, until the branch resembles actual tree with birds perching on its branch. Stick it in the pot of your choice that has been filled with soil.

DIY home decor - birds on the branch (Aliexpress)

DIY home decor – birds on the branch (Aliexpress)

Hanging picture frames

Feeling bored with regular way to display photos on the walls? Try this DIY project with your kids. You can prepare or make a large wooden frame, without the glass and back panel. Connect several strings horizontally. Stick the photos on these strings using wooden clothespins. This method of displaying photos is simple but unique and eye-catching.

Pom-pom trimming on lampshade

Simple pom-pom rickrack will turn an unremarkable lampshade into a unique piece of decoration. You can do this with strong glue, scissors, and pom-pom decorated rickrack. Choose rickrack style you and your kids like, and glue it around the trim of the lampshade.

DIY home design made of inspirational quotes (Aliexpress)

DIY home design made of inspirational quotes (Aliexpress)

Homemade door décor with inspirational quotes

Inspirational quotes that we love sharing endlessly can become great DIY home décor ideas. Simply print favorite inspirational or funny quotes your kids will like, using colorful fonts. Use a piece of thin wood from branch to hang the paper (cut it if necessary to fit the size of the paper) by gluing it, or using simple stitching method using string and needles (tie the ends of the string after you finish).

If you are adept in sewing, choosing cute fabric to make simple sofa pillow can be quite a good activity to do with your kids. In the end, DIY home décor ideas are not about how expensive or complicated the projects are, but about togetherness and creativity. You must read this: Sleek and Well-Organized Apartment Decor Ideas for Men and Home Décor Ideas for Kitchen with 2016 Design Trend.

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