European Home Décor Ideas: British Style Kid’s Rooms

British style is one of the most popular European home décor ideas. It is great to apply on kid’s rooms or nurseries. British-related design has many iconic elements, such as the bright color combo, icons such as Queen’s Guard figures, teacups and British flags, and themes such as exploration and football. There are a lot of ideas and inspirations you can apply to create the best rooms for your kids.

European Home Décor Ideas for kid room (Hgtvhome)

European Home Décor Ideas for kid room (Hgtvhome)

European Home Décor Ideas to Apply in Kid’s Room

You usually must be careful with color combo and patterns when decorating adult’s rooms. However, when decorating a kid’s room, you can “let loose.” You have more freedom in combining bright colors and patterns, so do not hold back. Here are some great European home décor ideas to apply when designing kid’s room or nursery:

Use Red, White and Blue Tones

This seems like a clear option. Red, white and blue are associated with British flag. In addition, they are interesting color combination. You can use these color schemes in anything from wall and floor to furniture such as bed, crib, blanket, wardrobe, chair and many more. You can also use actual British flag patterns for the room.

Nautical Theme Bedroom

Nautical/navy theme is also very common in British-themed European home décor ideas. You can apply the brighter, more playful design for kid’s room or nursery. For example, you can use light blue world map or dark blue stripes as the wall mural. You can also install custom ship-shaped bed, which is especially good for toddlers and kids under 7. A white mosquito net can be hung from atop the ship-shaped bed, as if a sail.

Nautical-themed kid room (Designdazzle)

Nautical-themed kid room (Designdazzle)

Football Room

Football (soccer) room is popular for both boys’ and girls’ bedrooms. In addition, there are many ideas you can take from this theme, from general football to popular football club’s themes. You can use cartoon images related to football for the little ones, or your kid’s favorite football team’s theme if he or she is older. Football-shaped beanbag and football field floor or carpet is another good idea to create football themed kid’s bedroom.

London Theme Bedroom

London theme is one of the popular European home décor ideas related to iconic European places, like Paris or Rome. London theme is great for kid’s room and nursery because there are many iconic shapes to incorporate in the design. They include the red double-decker bus, Queen’s Guard, Tower of London, crown, and many more. You can incorporate those iconic images as patterns, murals, posters, bedcover patterns, and wall arts.

London-themed nursery room (Irastar)

London-themed nursery room (Irastar)

Royalty Theme

London is famous for the royal family, so royalty theme is great for kids with certain taste. Bed with curved iron headboard, crown patterns, chandelier-style lamp and decorative mirror are great elements for kids with the taste of queen.

There are many great ideas to incorporate various themes in your kid’s bedroom, including British themes. Include British theme if you want to create a room with elegant, trendy and iconic European home décor ideas for the little ones.

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