European Home Design Ideas Inspired by Italian Villas. Modern Design! – Italian villas have distinctive design elements that are tempting to imitate; these European home design ideas are perfect for those who love rustic elegance look. The combination of elements such as stone walls, arches, pillars and hand-painted tiles create amazing look. You can easily incorporate them with modern elements. Whether you have a small cottage or grand, luxurious home, you can incorporate Italy-inspired European home design ideas for rustic and elegant look.

European home design ideas in Italian Villa style (The-italian-villa)

European home design ideas in Italian Villa style (The-italian-villa)

European Home Design Ideas for Italian Villa Look

Do you want to make your house look like a genuine Italian villa? Here are some design elements you can incorporate for the house:

Add “cupola” to the building

Cupola is a great addition for Italian-style building, especially if it is a 2-storey building. Cupola is a towered element that stands out from the house’s top structure. It can be an additional room, a storage room, a study, or anything you like, but adding it to a house certainly adds Italian flavor.

Add stucco exterior

There is nothing that says Italian more than stucco exterior. Adding such exterior to your house is a good way to invite Italian look, especially if your property is small and having not much space for improvements.

Stone tiles interior/exterior

If you like rustic Italian homes, then stone tiles are the choices. In addition, you can use them as interior or exterior. Stone tiles are great as fireplace accents, kitchen walls, or the entire exterior walls of your home if you want to really go for the authentic Mediterranean look for your European home design ideas.

European home with Italian-style Cupola (Houzz)

European home with Italian-style Cupola (Houzz)

Narrow French windows

Narrow French windows, whether rectangular or curved, give distinctive Mediterranean look. You can make them look classic with wooden frames, or slightly contemporary with brick accents around the frames.

Terracotta roofs

This is totally optional and depending on local climate and weather, but terracotta tiles for roofing definitely give noticeable Italian touch, especially if you pick color such as black or red. However, dark-green or dark grey roofs can also give the Italian look.

Curled metals

Curled metals such as bronze and cast iron look rustic but very classy, and you can use them as balcony railings, window accents, or wall lamps.

French windows and door in European home design (Rilane)

French windows and door in European home design (Rilane)

Use lots of earth colors

Earth colors are featured predominantly in Mediterranean buildings, including Italian houses. Colors such as stone grey, terracotta, sand, dark brown, white, beige and ocean blue are perfect to invoke warm Mediterranean atmosphere wherever you build the house.

Hand-painted tiles

Like many Mediterranean-style houses, hand-painted tiles become great accent to make your kitchen, living room or bathroom more enticing.

If you want to further create Italian look, don’t forget to consider the exterior in your European home design ideas for the house. Cypress trees, lawn and colorful flowers are perfect to complete the Italian look of your home. Large yard with stone paths (especially rough cobblestone paths) are also great to add rustic elegance to your entire home.

Whether you prefer traditional, classic or modern design, Italian-style European home design ideas will definitely bring the rustic elegance of Southern Europe into your home. You may also see: Amazing and Inspiring Eclectic Style Bedroom Decor Picture. WOW! and 3 Global Marketplaces to Find Cheap Living Room Sets. TOP 3!. Thank you~

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