European Home Furniture Inspired by British Colonial Homes – British colonial period left many traces in local cultures in its former occupied countries, including European home furniture influenced by local elements. One thing unique about British colonial homes is the combination between classic, rich British style and natural tropical elements. You can combine various furniture items to create a look that is both classy and fresh.

European Home Furniture made of dark wood (Sussymagallon)

European Home Furniture made of dark wood (Sussymagallon)

To create a British colonial style look in your home, you can start by choosing the right furniture. Many furniture stores and manufacturers have options for European home furniture actually inspired by British colonial homes.

European Home Furniture Examples

Here are some examples of furniture you can choose and combine to create European atmosphere in your house:

  • Furniture made of polished dark woods;. Table, chairs and bedside table made of dark polished wood give the typical British look. They are elegant, solid, and formal, like Victorian-era furniture.
  • Cane or rattan. Cane or rattan weaving is a typical tropical look, available in various forms of furniture such as basket, carpet, headboard, lampshade, coffee table, and many more. They are light. When combined with the other European home furniture items, they instantly give tropical atmosphere like in British colonial homes.
  • Decorated mirror. Carved or decorated mirror gives a room typical elegance commonly found in British homes. This is a good furniture item to pair with dressing table made of dark polished wood.
British style furniture made of bamboo (Sussymagallon)

British style furniture made of rattan (Sussymagallon)

  • Bamboo (or bamboo-looking) furniture. Bamboo furniture is also typical furniture in colonial homes. However, it doesn’t have to be actual bamboo. Many furniture manufacturers make fake bamboo furniture made of wood, because it is easier to make.
  • Four-poster bed. Four-poster bed is a typical European home furniture item, because it looks grand and elegant. In addition, in some colonial homes, beds often have canopies, from which mosquito net is hung.
  • Hand-painted tiles. Elegant, hand-painted tiles often become part of British homes, whether for the bathroom, living room, guest room or as accent.
  • Discovery-themed objects. Discovery-themed objects give the feeling of 17th and 18th century Europe, including British colonial era. Things such as vintage globe, botanical prints, birdcage, old maps and nautical objects are great additions to a British-style home.

Aside from these furniture items, you can also add plants such as fan palm, to add more tropical look into the home.

European home furniture with British colonial theme (Drawhome)

European home furniture with British colonial theme (Drawhome)

British Colonial Home Décor Tips

Typical European design is usually associated with elegant and classic. However, in British colonial homes, patterns play important roles. Contrasting patterns between dark wood furniture, carved chairs or tables, rattan weaving, cane and bamboo create a typical look you may not find in classic European homes. You can also play with contrasting colors such as dark brown, white, cream, and leaf green. Colonial home style can also be applied in traditional, modern, eclectic. Even “shabby chic” look (the latter usually uses faded or recycled wood furniture).

Decorating home with European home furniture adds class and elegance in your house. However, British colonial style adds unique touch that combines classy and tropical look. You do not need to apply the European theme throughout the house. Small touches on some furniture items provide you with the European atmosphere. Enjoy! Other home design ideas: DIY Bedroom Décor Ideas That Teenage Girls Love. Beautiful! and Kitchen Design for Small Space: Large View Solution. WOW!.

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