European Interior Decorating Products for Victorian Look

Victorian look is always associated with elegance and sophistication. In addition, there are many European interior decorating items and products you can get to achieve this look. Whether you prefer a traditional or contemporary-looking room, decorations are vital to create the final look that you want. From practical decorations to pure aesthetic, these Victorian decoration items will make your house look definitely European.

European Interior Decorating Products for Victorian Look (Erokousa)

European Interior Decorating Products for Victorian Look (Erokousa)

European Interior Decorating Items for Victorian Home

There are things for everyone in European interior decorating item collections. Here are some products you can buy to create Victorian look in your house:

Bust of Historical Figures

Bust statues of historical figures on pedestals are typical items to create nothing but classic and elegant look. There are many bust statues, which you can get from various sizes, materials, and price ranges. The characters also vary, from classical musicians such as Mozart and Beethoven, Greek philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle, Greek gods or goddesses, and Roman emperors. Put them on your study room desk or bookshelf to emphasize the classic look.

Antique Candle Holders or Candelabras

Candelabras and candleholders are prominent European interior decorating items. However, of course you do not need to stick with traditional candelabras. You can buy modern candelabras with light bulbs instead of candles. Alternatively, you may opt for wall light fixtures that resemble antique oil lamps or candle holders.

Victorian-style living room with Candelabras (Madebymood)

Victorian-style living room with Candelabras (Madebymood)

Decorative Mirror

Round or oval mirrors with intricate decorative frames are typical items for Victorian look. You can choose mirrors with bronze or brass frames, although white or light-toned wooden frames are also great.

Famous Paintings of European Artists

Nothing says Victorian look like famous paintings of European artists (reproductions, of course). Even if you can only afford the cheap reproductions, adding gilded, bronze or decorative frames make them look elegant. Paintings by Van Gogh, Da Vinci, Sargent, Raffaeli, Goya or Monet are great as European interior decorating items.

Wooden Chests and Lidded Vases

Decorative wooden chests from dark-toned woods are great as coffee table or additional storage space. Moreover, they add classic Victorian look as well. Meanwhile, smaller lidded vases from bronze or cast iron are great decorations to put on fireplace or coffee table.

Victorian dining room with Decorative Tray and Tea Sets (Museums.norfolk)

Victorian dining room with Decorative Tray and Tea Sets (Museums.norfolk)

Decorative Tray and Tea Sets

If you often entertain guests, make your decorative tray speaks for your Victorian taste. Decorative tray with swirl metal handle looks so elegant and perfect for a classic European home decoration. Add the elegant touch with a set of ceramic tea sets with European touch, such as floral patterns and curved handles. Tiered cake stand is also great investment if you often hold events at home and entertain guests with treats.

Antique Wall Clock

If a grandfather’s clock is too expensive or space consuming for your taste, get an antique wall clock. Such clock usually has sophisticated decorative frames and intricate hands, and it will look great in a Victorian home.

Using European interior decorating items is the best way to create instant Victorian look in your house, even if you do not do major remodeling project.

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