European Kitchen Décor Ideas Inspired by the Greek. Best! – European design is commonly associated with splendor and elegance, but Greece-inspired European kitchen décor opts for rustic-traditional design. As one of countries in Southern Europe, Greek design has Mediterranean look, with beach, sand, and sunny, rustic villages as inspirations. You don’t need to actually live in Greek village to enjoy this rustic beauty in the house, but you can try incorporating Greek style in your European kitchen décor. You can apply the design in traditional or modern way.

European kitchen décor in Greek style (Goedekers - Pinterest)

European kitchen décor in Greek style (Goedekers – Pinterest)

European Kitchen Décor Elements for Greece Look

Greece look is typically evident with beach-related colors (blue, white, sand), materials such as wood, stone, exposed bricks and hand-painted tiles, and rustic metal such as cast iron and bronze. You can incorporate these elements prominently in the kitchen to create Greek look. However, you can create classic, rustic or modern kitchen. Greece-inspired design will bring whiff of Mediterranean atmosphere into your kitchen, especially if you add a lot of natural light access to provide more “sunny beach” feeling.

Here are some ideas for European kitchen décor inspired by beautiful, rustic Greek homes:

White wood and blue bricks

White and blue are typical Greek colors, so why don’t you actually incorporate the colors in the materials? Combining exposed bricks painted blue with white wooden planks give really good Greek look, even if you incorporate a lot of modern features in the kitchen. Install light wooden floor and hanging contemporary lamp for more eclectic look.

Rustic Greek style kitchen with stone wall and wood flooring (Architecturaldigest)

Rustic Greek style kitchen with stone wall and wood flooring (Architecturaldigest)

Stone and wood combined

Another great way to get beautiful rustic look is by combining rustic cut stone walls with wooden floor. The contrast between different textures can be softened by white elements such as white cabinet or table. Antique lamps or candle holders can add extra vintage look like in Mediterranean houses.

Rustic utensils on the wall

Traditional Greek kitchen usually provides space on the wall to hang utensils. Rustic utensils such as cast iron skillets and pans, as well as wooden spoons and ladles, add great element of practical beauty in the kitchen. If you have smooth wall with light color, you can add rustic wooden frames equipped with handles to hang utensils.

Accent with hand-painted tiles

Hand-painted tiles are common decoration elements in European kitchen décor ideas. However, in this case, you turn hand-painted tiles (the ones with classic images such as flowers and leaves) into beautiful accents. For example, you can install such tiles behind the stove as focal point in your working place. Alternatively, you can use small tiles to line the walls (you can use separate shades between two parts of the walls).

Minimalist Greek kitchen design (Photobucket)

Minimalist Greek kitchen design (Photobucket)

Minimalist Greek kitchen

If you want to keep it modern and minimalist, you can apply only the most prominent design elements. To keep minimalist element, choose the design element that will immediately be obvious. They are color schemes and textures. Use wooden or stone floor with blue-white color schemes, but without too many details.

There are many ideas for European kitchen décor that we can agree on, but Greek design will make your kitchen brighter in its rustic beauty. You must see: Kitchen Design Ideas with Exposed Brick Walls. Best 2016!

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