Home Décor Ideas for Kitchen with 2016 Design Trend

Homedesign.com – Decorating your kitchen can be a good mid-year project, and year 2016 has trends for home décor ideas for kitchen you can immediately try. Combination between modest shades, smart space usage, rich texture and eclectic style make up this year’s kitchen décor ideas from Forbes. Modernizing your kitchen doesn’t have to be a hassle, because these new trend ideas are actually quite easy to apply.

Home Décor Ideas for Kitchen with 2016 Design Trend (Freshome)

Home Décor Ideas for Kitchen with 2016 Design Trend (Freshome)

In short, new trend for home décor ideas for kitchen is quite eclectic. From the 80’s to muted colors and high-tech look, combining these elements will give you a fresh kitchen look.

Home Décor Ideas for Kitchen: 2016 Trend to Apply Now

Here are kitchen trends that bring 2016 look to your home:

Clean, vintage look

Nordic design from the 60’ and 80’s give cleaner, practical look for your kitchen. This clean vintage trend is timeless because it combines white or relaxing colors with light color wooden panels as accent or floor, and bold lines that are free from complicated details. You can easily combine various design elements for more personal look, but the basic is still clean and practical. Glossy surface and brass fixtures make the 80’s look even more prominent.

Lights from the cabinetry

Light sources in the kitchen are not just from the ceiling or table. Cabinetry can be a source of lighting. Using low-watt LED lights under the cabinet, you can illuminate working station or space under the cabinet, and you can save electricity if necessary. This is one of home décor ideas for kitchen that combine modern design and effective spatial functionality.

Sleek vintage style kitchen (Home-designing)

Sleek vintage style kitchen (Home-designing)

Streamlined, integrated kitchen design

Kitchen has become one of the most common places for families to gather, especially with kitchen-dining room integrated design. However, for some people, kitchen still feels like a separated room. More streamlined, borderless design makes kitchen and dining room extensions from the entire living space in the house.

Space for smart devices

Smart devices such as smartphone, tablet and laptop have become integral parts of our life. Even when cooking, we tend to keep our smart devices close, but there are risks of damaging those things in the kitchen. New home décor ideas for kitchen now involve designated spaces to store smart devices, so you can quickly grab them. There are also special spaces where you can store devices and charge them in the kitchen, without hindering your activities.

Muted colors, metal accent

While muted colors make a comeback in 2016’s kitchens, you can add a touch of boldness with various metal finishing. In fact, new kitchen trend prefers metal finishing such as bronze, brass and stainless instead of wood. The glossy surface of these metal finishes also adds the 80’s touch.

Example of texture clashes in the kitchen design (Amara)

Example of texture clashes in the kitchen design (Amara)

Texture clashes

Contrasting look between texture and smooth surface is a big trend, but now, texture-texture clash makes a new comeback. If you apply muted colors and simple design, texture clashes can create richer look in the kitchen. The clash can be from stone tiles with different pattern, or clash between textured stone tiles and wooden panels on the wall.

Whether you apply some of all, these new home décor ideas for kitchen will make your home look modern and classic at the same time. Here many other home design ideas you can see, like: Home Décor Ideas for Small Spaces with Indian Style and Small Kitchen Design Ideas for Open-Space Living Room. PRETTY!.

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