Kitchen Design Gallery with Modern Japanese Theme

Japan-influenced design elements are popular among modern homeowners. Kitchen design gallery with modern Japanese theme gives the best of both worlds. You get the elegant, beautiful oriental look from the Japanese elements, and the modern, sophisticated look from the modern design elements. You can make the traditional element stands out, or opt for contemporary look with a dash of tradition instead.

Kitchen Design Gallery with Japanese Theme (Qarmazi)

Kitchen Design Gallery with Japanese Theme (Qarmazi)

There are many great inspirations from kitchen design gallery with contemporary Japanese look, so you can choose the best design that suits your home best.

Kitchen Design Gallery Ideas for Modern Japanese Room

There are many ways you can incorporate Japanese design elements in a kitchen, whether you have large or small kitchen. Here are 5 ways to create a contemporary Japanese kitchen with modern elements:

Wooden Elements and Elevated Floor

Many traditional homes in Japan have a lot of wooden elements and elevated floor to separate the kitchen from other rooms (especially if the house has no partitions). You can add wooden elements in the kitchen such as wooden countertop, pillar, kitchen stools, and the island. You can also raise the floor outside the kitchen and create extra storage space under that floor.

Japanese style kitchen with sliding door (Designingcity)

Japanese style kitchen with sliding door (Designingcity)

Sliding Door and Medium-Toned Wooden Furniture

Sliding door is an obvious choice for Japanese kitchens in various kitchen design gallery images. Use medium-toned wood for the sliding door, and apply the same tone for the furniture, such as kitchen cabinet. Complement this look with wooden or dark granite countertop (if you have extra budget).

Open Galley and Wooden Stools for Eating

Large kitchens often have islands in the middle, which the occupants can use to eat and hang out. If you want to add some Asian flair, particularly Japanese, add a long, open galley instead. This is the style, which you will often see at sushi bars or ramen restaurants, especially if you use four-legged wooden stools as the seats.

Hanging Box Lampshades

Hanging lampshades are common in modern kitchens. However, if you want to add some Japanese elements in kitchen design gallery, use box lampshades with rectangle frames. They look like traditional oil lamps common in old Japanese homes. Moreover, you can use the safer, modern version instead to illuminate your kitchen. You can combine these lamps with the long galley or sushi bar-style kitchen island, in order to create even more prominent Japanese look.

Japanese style kitchen with Hanging Box Lampshades (Home-designing)

Japanese style kitchen with Hanging Box Lampshades (Home-designing)

Less Is More

The simple, relaxing “Zen” design is in the rage now. If you want to create a Zen kitchen, remember that less is more. Typical Japanese design puts attention in harmony between elements, not the numbers of the details. Do not hesitate to use white as walls and kitchen cabinets, while using woods as materials for tables, stools, and countertop. Use furniture items with fewer details, and add decent ornaments, such as tree branch in small pot, or ceramic plates as wall decoration.

Japanese elements are very popular in modern kitchen design gallery. Besides that, you have a lot of options to create a kitchen that suits your taste, even if it has prominent Japanese influence in many details.

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