Kitchen Design Ideas with Exposed Brick Walls. Best 2016! – Exposed bricks are among the most favorite elements of rustic kitchen designs, but kitchen design ideas with exposed bricks can be versatile. You can combine exposed bricks with almost anything; from wood panels and classic-looking metal (brass, bronze), to stainless and artsy, colorful integrated kitchen. It is easy to use exposed bricks as the base of rustic design, but your options in kitchen design ideas should not be limited by the typical choices.

Kitchen Design Ideas with Exposed Brick Blacksplash (Caddomineral)

Kitchen Design Ideas with Exposed Brick Blacksplash (Caddomineral)

Kitchen Design Ideas: 5 Options with Exposed Bricks

Classic combination between exposed brick walls and wooden pillars or planks are common look in rustic kitchen, but if it is not your option, here are 5 options in kitchen design ideas by using exposed brick walls or accents:

Brick accent for white kitchen

White is back as the new kitchen design trend this year (especially with the comeback of neutral colors for interior design), but all-white interior can be boring. Using exposed bricks in all-white kitchen design ideas is a good way to cut the whiteness. This is also a more elegant way to combine contrasting color and texture in modern kitchen.

Exposed bricks VS contrasting primary color

If you want eclectic, artsy look in the kitchen, try contrasting exposed brick wall with contrasting primary color, such as teal or flaming red. For example, you can build one side of the kitchen with exposed brick, but the other sides of the wall with primary color of your choice. Discuss with the developer or designer about the best color option for your design.

Exposed brick wall in small kitchen (Decorpad)

Exposed brick wall in small kitchen (Decorpad)

Exposed bricks VS stainless surface

Exposed bricks are typical classic look, and stainless is usually associated with modern look.  Why don’t you combine both of them in one kitchen? Exposed brick walls become a great background for your stainless kitchen surfaces and kitchen cabinets. Installing exposed bricks in a modern kitchen will prevent it from looking to “industrial.”

Rough bricks with alcove pantry

If you have small kitchen, exposed bricks may not be the right option, because the textures and patterns will make the kitchen look crowded. However, you can make an alcove in exposed wall brick to create extra space for cabinet, shelves or pantry to store a lot of things. Alcoves are great additions for many kitchen design ideas, especially if saving space is your goal. Plus, if you use rough exposed bricks and wooden planks or pillars in the kitchen, plus bronze fixtures, it will look like a rustic Mediterranean kitchen.

Faded brick wall in rustic kitchen (Workdon)

Faded brick wall in rustic kitchen (Workdon)


Faded exposed brick walls and marbles

If you want to create a rustic look in the kitchen, faded bricks are better than regular exposed bricks. Combining faded brick walls with glistening marble surfaces and wooden panels will give unique, eclectic look on your kitchen. Combine white or grey furniture to complement this unique kitchen.

Aside from exposed brick walls, you can also use brick pillars instead. Match brick pillar with white or light-toned kitchen to create beautiful contrast. Exposed brick walls may look rustic and simple, but they give a lot of possibilities in kitchen design ideas, no matter what design taste you have. You must read: European Home Furniture Inspired by British Colonial Homes and DIY Bedroom Décor Ideas That Teenage Girls Love. Beautiful!.

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