Master Bedroom Décor Ideas for Compact but Airy Space. Elegan! – When we imagine master bedroom, we usually think of a large, expansive personal room, but many master bedroom décor ideas are applicable in compact house. Even if you don’t have a spacious property, you can still create comfortable nest. With the right design, even if you live alone, you can easily convert the room into couple bedroom in short time. Compact master bedroom can also have a lot of good furniture, depending on how you decorate the room and place each piece.

Master Bedroom Décor Ideas with large window panel (Mccaffreyhomes)

Master Bedroom Décor Ideas with large window panel (Mccaffreyhomes)

These master bedroom décor ideas may sound simple, but once you apply them, see how much difference good design can make to your small property.

Master Bedroom Décor Ideas: 5 Ways to Make Comfortable Nest

You may have different ideas of how to decorate master bedroom and what furniture to place, but these basic design ideas can be applied on many other designs. Here are 5 ideas you can try to create comfy master bedroom:

Large glass panel and window seat

Large glass panel will give more spacious look in a small master bedroom. You can put the bed in the middle, and window long window seat in front of the glass panel. Window seat generally doesn’t eat too much space, so you can get extra seating spot in a small bedroom, with extra view.

Airy master bedroom without headboard (Beeyoutifullife)

Airy master bedroom without headboard (Beeyoutifullife)

Cut the headboard, emphasize the details

Some master bedroom décor ideas for really small space suggest losing the headboard in favor of stacked pillows. If you think that this makes the room empty, put some extra details. For example, you can use patterned pillows on top of white mattress and soft-colored bedcover. Or, you can let the ceiling exposed, creating unique look in otherwise small, plain-looking room that has no headboard.

Use non-traditional, chic colors

Muted colors may be the new home decoration ideas in 2016, but if you have small space for master bedroom, unusual colors can be great way to make small room more special. If you like it elegant and chic, for example, you can try combining daring colors, such as maroon bed and carpet with purple cabinet or bedside table. Fur rug can add luxurious touch to the room. You can cut the rich colors by using neutral tones on floor or wall.

Wall with alcove for storage space

Making alcove is probably one of the most expensive master bedroom décor ideas, but if the real estate is really small, this is a great investment for comfort. Alcove can be a place for bookshelves, shelves for your trinkets and favorite arts, and many other things. You can make two alcoves to frame your bed or large glass window.

Master bedroom with alcove for storage (Hgtv)

Master bedroom with alcove for storage (Hgtv)

Use bursts of colors in all-white bedroom

Finally, you can make the room looks super spacious by using all-white tone and large glass panels as windows. To counter the boring look, add extra bursts of colors in the bedroom. Choose pillows with really bright color schemes, such as red and orange. Put a colorful modern painting as focal point above your bedroom, with the white wall as the background.

There are many master bedroom décor ideas for small home; all you need to do is applying the right design ideas and not afraid of experimenting. Another home design ideas: Kitchen Design Ideas with Exposed Brick Walls. Best 2016! and European Home Furniture Inspired by British Colonial Homes.

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