Modern Kitchen Designs 2016 with Marble Countertop

If you have extra budget to spend, marble countertop is a great addition for various modern kitchen designs 2016. Marble is strong, durable with cool surface (perfect if you want to make pastry dough). It definitely looks great in any kitchen. Marble counter top also makes strong statement, whether you use it as integrated countertop, kitchen island, kitchen galley, or small coffee-making spot. If you are interested in installing marble countertop, make sure to check out some great modern kitchen designs 2016. It is a great idea to create a beautiful kitchen with marble surface as strong point.

Modern Kitchen Designs 2016 with Marble Countertop (Remodelingcalculator)

Modern Kitchen Designs 2016 with Marble Countertop (Remodelingcalculator)

Modern Kitchen Designs 2016: Ideas for Marble Countertops

No matter what kind of design you prefer for the kitchen, there are various ideas to incorporate marble countertop. Here are some great ideas to create modern kitchen with marble countertop:

White Marble Countertop with Black Island/Cabinet

Contrasting tone never gets old in a modern kitchen. A white marble countertop goes great with a black island or dark-tone cabinets. Pair them with medium-tone wooden floor or monochromatic vinyl tiles, white walls, and modern hanging lamp. In addition, you can easily pair white countertop and black island/cabinet with other bright color, such as red backsplash or painted tiles as accents.

Light Brown or Dark Marble for Asian Kitchen

Brown or dark marble countertop is a great idea for Asian-influenced kitchen. You can pair this countertop with wooden floor and cabinet with light or medium tones. Marble countertop is more durable and easier to clean compared to wood. Therefore, you can cook a lot of Asian foods made of fresh ingredients such as seafood and vegetables. Furthermore, you can clean the countertop easily afterward.

Asian kitchen with light brown marble countertop (Drawhome)

Asian kitchen with light brown marble countertop (Drawhome)

Integrated Marble Galley Kitchen

Integrated countertop or galley with cabinet and sink is one of modern kitchen designs 2016 popular in Japan. You can use this style to create a compact kitchen with style. Integrated marble galley or countertop provides enough space in a narrow kitchen. However, you still can create an exceptional look even with space limitation. Integrated marble galley kitchen can also open to outdoor space to create semi-open dining-cooking area.

Brown or Green Marble Top with Asian Style Design

Non-black or white marble countertop is a good addition for themed kitchen, such as the highly popular Asian style. Light-tone brown or green marble countertop will be great with Asian-style kitchen. Pair such countertop with light-tone wooden cabinets, dark tiles or hardwood floor, and Asian-style hanging lamp. Add some Zen-themed decorations, high wooden stools for the kitchen island or galley, and you get a beautiful Asian style kitchen.

Asian kitchen with green marble countertop (Hgtvhome)

Asian kitchen with green marble countertop (Hgtvhome)

Coffee-Making Spot

Coffee-making area is essential in modern kitchen designs 2016, especially when more people consider their morning caffeine fix special. A small space designated for coffee/tea making on the corner of cabinet countertop is a great way to create special spot in the kitchen. Marble-surface coffee-making spot, with drawer and electric socket nearby is a great spot filing on the kitchen countertop.

Marble countertop is a great addition for a kitchen. This is especially true if you want a durable, smooth, beautiful, and easy-to clean working space. There are many possibilities to create a modern kitchen with marble. Use these modern kitchen designs 2016 ideas to start creating your dream kitchen with marble countertop.

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