Modern Kitchen Gallery with Single Wall for Urban Homes

Urban homes often have limited space for the rooms, including kitchen, which is why modern kitchen gallery from such homes usually involve space-friendly design. Single wall kitchen is one of the most popular designs for urban homes. Many people don’t know what to do with single wall kitchen design, since the options are understandably limited. However, there are some ways to make a single wall kitchen more eye-catching and personal, despite the space limitation.

Modern Kitchen Gallery with single wall (

Modern Kitchen Gallery with single wall (

Whether you love minimalist, modern or classic style, this modern kitchen gallery will give you good ideas for single all kitchen design.

Modern Kitchen Gallery: 5 Ideas for Single Wall Kitchen

Single wall design has a lot of possibilities when it comes to decorating small, urban kitchen. Here are 5 ideas for modern kitchen that use single wall design for small homes:

Combine white with dark/contrasting flooring

Using all-white design is the easiest way to make the kitchen look bigger and more spacious. Many modern kitchen gallery designs use white to invoke fresh and spacious look, but to make the room more eye-catching, incorporate some contrast. Use contrasting floor color, such as dark vinyl, richly patterned tiles or dark wooden floor.

Single-wall kitchen with open cabinet (Sussymagallon)

Single-wall kitchen with open cabinet (Sussymagallon)

Use open cabinets

Open cabinets in small kitchen have two functions: as storage space and decorative elements. Open cabinets also make the room feels more “open,” and avoid bulk from the closed-style cabinets. If you have plates, mugs, bowls and jars with a lot of colors, arranging them in these open cabinets will create automatic design elements (especially if the background color is super neutral).

Single wall as room partition

If you have to use all available space in the small, urban house, you can use the single wall as partition. On the kitchen side, the wall becomes place for sink, cabinets and counter-top. On the other side, the wall becomes background for your dining room or living room, separating the area from kitchen without eating too much space.

Combine kitchen with semi-open space

If you want to create space for the house, combine your kitchen with the outdoor using semi-open concept. Many modern kitchen galley images show kitchen and dining area that opens to terrace or patio, giving more freedom and view for the inhabitants. Just make sure you get enough privacy before deciding to build modern kitchen like this.

Single-wall kitchen with semi-open space (Houzz)

Single-wall kitchen with semi-open space (Houzz)

Use transforming dining table

Modern interior design now offers various possibilities to use small space, including transforming furniture. There are now dining tables made of solid wood that can be lifted to reveal benches underneath. This way, you can save space when not using the kitchen and dining area. Once you finish using the benches, you can put them back underneath the table, giving extra space for the kitchen.

Single wall kitchen may look limited, especially with small house, but you have a lot of design possibilities from such design. By incorporating various design ideas, you can get your dream kitchen even if the only design available is single wall design. Look at the modern kitchen gallery images for further ideas of decorating the small kitchen.

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