Modern Living Room Lighting Ideas with Chandelier Model

Chandeliers are generally regarded as elegant, sophisticated lighting options. However, modern living room lighting ideas are more versatile with chandeliers. Despite the availability of classic-looking chandeliers (and with light bulbs instead of candles), there are many chandelier designs that look chic, futuristic, contemporary, even unique. So, if you love chandelier-type lighting, you can choose these designs for more modern look in the house.

Modern Living Room Lighting Ideas with Pendant Chandelier (Houzz)

Modern Living Room Lighting Ideas with Pendant Chandelier (Houzz)

Modern Living Room Lighting Chandelier Ideas

If you want to experiment with chandelier, here are some great ideas for modern living room lighting chandelier shopping:

Pendant Chandelier

Chandelier in the shape of pendant looks sleeker and less bulky than traditional, classic-looking chandelier. The Five-Pendant and Seven-Pendant chandeliers from Bocci are great examples. These lamps have minimalist style with exceptional pendant design. Therefore, they are perfect for those who like restrained elegance in a modern room.

Bubble Chandelier

Bubble chandelier adds unique, fun, and almost futuristic look in your living room. This kind of chandelier uses a lot of glass bubbles to contain the light bulbs. It gives minimalist yet unique look at the same time, and definitely will make your living room standout. Pelle bubble chandeliers are great examples of such product.

Living Room with Bubble Chandelier (Claytongrayhome)

Living Room with Bubble Chandelier (Claytongrayhome)

Mirror Ball Chandelier

Mirror ball chandelier is like the combination between bubble and pendant chandeliers. However, it has some reflective balls that form the “domes” for the light bulbs. The ball usually has opening underneath for the light to come out. The reflective surface and round shape give the slightly futuristic vibe, perfect for a modern living room. Example is mirrored ball chandelier from Tom Dixon.

Wicker/Rattan Chandelier

If you want an eclectic touch in your modern living room lighting, add chandelier lamp with wicker or rattan accent. Wicker or rattan gives eclectic look. You can decorate the living room with various themes using such chandelier, from contemporary to modern-natural look. Foscarini’s Allegro Vivace suspended chandelier is a great example of contemporary wicker chandelier.

Asymmetrical Chandelier

Chandeliers with asymmetrical shapes and designs are definitely modern. In addition, they come in various models, colors and shapes. From bicycle-shaped chandelier from Ridgely Studio Works to Foscarini’s Big Bang chandelier, these products are great to create focal point and unique element in otherwise modern, minimalist living room.

Modern Living Room with Asymmetrical Chandelier (Themonumentview)

Modern Living Room with Asymmetrical Chandelier (Themonumentview)

Antler Chandelier

Deer antler is an unmistakable shape, but what if your modern chandelier uses deer antler shape design? Antler chandelier, such as the Superordinate from Roll & Hill, uses a classic nature-related object. This is great to create modern living room lighting fixture that is both exceptional and elegant.

Drum Chandelier

Drum chandelier uses a type of circular structure that surrounds the actual chandelier, kind of like a hollow drum. This design makes the entire chandelier looks more integrated in design. Furthermore, it gives more minimalist touch that befits a modern living room. One good example is Walker drum chandelier from the Lights Up.

A chandelier lamp does not have to look “classic” anymore. There are many options of contemporary chandeliers for modern living room lighting. So, you can choose the one that fits your own living room design.

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