Modern Style Living Room Ideas with Yellow Color. Beautifull~ – When you think about modern style living room in contemporary house, you probably will not think about yellow as dominating color. A lot of people stick to elegant monochromatic or neutral shades, but if you want to be a bit daring, yellow is a great main shade to use in your contemporary living room design. There are a lot of ways to incorporate yellow in your modern style living room without making it look like a child’s room.

Modern style living room with yellow color (Bestdsgn)

Modern style living room with yellow color (Bestdsgn)

Modern Style Living Room: 5 Ways to Use Yellow

Yellow is an invigorating color commonly associated with “happiness,” but to create a modern and elegant living room with yellow as main color, you need several design tricks. Some people go overboard with the yellow, or become too restrained with the tone. The key is to play in the balance, so you can make yellow the main star without being too restrained or bold. Here are 5 ways to incorporate yellow in your living room to make it modern and elegant:

Use yellow as noticeable accents

Yellow as accent is not new idea for living room, but you can do more than just using yellow sofa pillows, for example. For a minimalist living room, you can use white as walls and neutral colors for the furniture, but add yellow sofa pillows, yellow carpet, yellow lampshades, and yellow door frames to add splashes of joy.


Yellow walls, contrasting accents

You may paint the walls in yellow, as it is great for modern style living room, but you need to combine them with contrasting elements to prevent going overboard with the brightness. For example, you may want to use the contrasting cerulean or teal accents for the room (such as decorative statues, lampshades, or sofa), while adding neutral shades such as white, cream or beige to balance the composition.

Use various shades of yellow

If you want to show off yellow as the main color, make sure to play with different shades. Use softer shades for the background such as walls, ceiling and/or flooring, and darker, contrasting yellow shades as accents or furniture items. You can also play with patterns such as on the chair, carpet, or wall accents, so there are variations despite the very few main colors.

Modern style living room with various shades of yellow (Linkcrafter)

Modern style living room with various shades of yellow (Linkcrafter)

Use yellow in focal points and special spots

If you want modern living room that looks eye-catching without too much yellow, you can incorporate this color in focal points and your favorite spots. For example, you can incorporate yellow wall behind the fireplace, TV, or family albums, while using white for the other sides of the wall. You can also create a reading nook where yellow dominates the area, despite neutral shades being used in the rest of the space.

Use yellow as patterns

If you don’t want to use yellow as main background color, use it as patterns and accents. Pick pillows with yellow patterns, or paint the wall with mural art that combines a little yellow with white, cream, or other neutral shades. With the right design ideas, you can create modern style living room using yellow as the main color for the interior. You may also like: European Home Design Ideas Inspired by Italian Villas and Amazing and Inspiring Eclectic Style Bedroom Decor Picture. WOW!


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