Small Bathroom Ideas: Smart Trick for Spacious Look – Bathroom is usually the smallest room in a house. However, it is intensely used. People say that your bathroom reflects who you are. A clutter-free bathroom shows that you are a well-organized person. Therefore, choosing the right small bathroom ideas is important to create a bathroom with comfortable atmosphere. Bathroom is a private area, and it needs special touch to ensure that it does not feel poky.  Actually, designing a bathroom is not as challenging as you thought. You can refer to many resources available online, in the magazine, or in the design book.

Small bathroom ideas with nice color touch (Hometowntimes)

Small bathroom ideas with nice color touch (Hometowntimes)

4 Small Bathroom Ideas for Spacious Look

The following are some small bathroom ideas, which you can apply to create a spacious feel. They range from space-saving furniture, storage, and focus on the function.

Add Storage

You might think that bathroom is not a place to store anything. You may be right, but there are many small-size fixtures, appliances, and supplies in the bathroom, right? They need to be well organized to make the room feel airy. Here are some ideas of creative storage in the bathroom:

  • Put floating shelves in such a pattern that looks fashionable. You may stack three or more shelves vertically, and display bathing supplies on them.
  • Put a colorful racks to store containers
  • Put an overhead cabinet to store cleaning product stock and unused towels
Small bathroom with creative storage (Condenast)

Small bathroom with creative storage (Condenast)

Focus on the Function

In a small-size house, function must become the priority, when it comes to furniture items. The same is true for bathroom. Try to eliminate unwanted stuffs and make sure you only put functional items in it. Bathroom does not need many decorative items. Instead, the cleaning products and bathroom supplies, which are displayed neatly, can serve as the decor. Choose bathroom vanities with simple and sleek design.

Choose the Right Palette

Choosing the right palette is crucial in influencing the bathroom atmosphere. A dark color will make a small bathroom feel overwhelmed. On the other hand, neutral hues will make the bathroom feel more pleasing and air. Here are some small bathroom ideas for you:

  • Choose neutral color palette, such as white, cream, soft blue, and soft grey
  • To add some aesthetic touches, you can utilize basic patterns and textures with neutral hues
  • Do not use many color combinations, as they will make the room feel overcrowded.
Small bathroom with neutral color feels spacious (Hotshotthemes)

Small bathroom with neutral color feels spacious (Hotshotthemes)

Give Some Touches of Color

If you choose white as the main color for bathroom wall but you do not want to make it feel bland, then you can add some pops of color inside. Actually, white is the symbol of cleanliness in the bathroom. However, you can make it feel more lively by hanging towels with vibrant colors, displaying soap dishes with creative design, or putting a mirror with bold-colored frame.

A small bathroom still provides you with room for creativity. It is a private space in your house; therefore, you can show your personal styles through small bathroom ideas, which you choose to make it more pleasing and airy. If necessary, you can contact an interior home design specialist to help you in planning the bathroom design. Another article you must read: Bedroom Themes Ideas Inspired from The Sea for Kids and Kitchen Design Layout Types and Examples for Small Home. Thanks..

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