Small Kitchen Design Ideas for Open-Space Living Room. PRETTY! – Open plan kitchen design is the most popular option in small homes. Open-plan small kitchen design is commonly characterized by the use of a single room for multiple purposes. In this case, the homeowner does not use any partition to separate the function of living room, dining room, and kitchen. If you have limited living space, forget the formality or tradition of keeping dining and cooking activities in two separate rooms.

Small kitchen design ideas in the living room (Nosiesta)

Small kitchen design ideas in the living room (Nosiesta)

Why Integrating Small Kitchen Design with the Living Room

Open-plan living concept has been increasingly popular during the last few years. Modern people consider it flexible and practical option, since you can do two different things without living the rom. The following are some benefits of integrating the kitchen with living room:

  • More time with family; when you prepare foods in a separate kitchen, you will be away from the other family members. However, the case is different for open-plan kitchen, particularly the one combined with living room. You can communicate with your kids and watch them while you are cooking.
  • More practicality; in an open-plan small kitchen design, you reduce the traffic in the house. The dining table is close to the kitchen. There is no need to carry plates and foods throughout the house.
  • More living space; applying open-plan concept is a simple way to provide your family with more living space. You can create extra space by eliminating some elements. For instance, you can eliminate the dining table set by designing the kitchen with breakfast area for all of the family members. You can even set the living room to function as a dining area.
Kitchen and living room blend perfectly (Smalldesignideas)

Kitchen and living room blend perfectly (Smalldesignideas)

In other words, integrating the small kitchen design with living room offers at least two functions, namely practicality and sociability. You have a practical interior design while allowing all of the family members to be closer to each other.

Small Kitchen Design Ideas in the Living Room

The following are some small kitchen design ideas you may apply in the living room with open-plan concept:

  • Create two separate zones. The first option is creating two separate zones in a single room. This does not mean that you install a partition between the kitchen and the living room. Instead, you can use simple elements, such as area rugs, carpets, or different flooring tiles for the two different functions. This design is mainly recommended if you have a living room with elongated shape.
  • Make them blend perfectly. Unlike the first option above, you can blend the two functions without two separate lines. Look at the sample image above. The kitchen and the living room blend perfectly, since the homeowner does not apply any element to separate them. Use of harmonious color palette is responsible for this. This design is perfect for a square living room.
Kitchen cabinet as partition in the lliving room (Startmail)

Kitchen cabinet as partition in the lliving room (Startmail)

  • Use kitchen cabinet as partition. If you have an elongated living room, you may need to separate the kitchen and living area by using the kitchen set as the partition. This option is recommended if your family keeps dining as an exclusive moment.

To make sure that your small kitchen design and living room are clutter free, choose kitchen cabinet with plenty of storage. This way, you can keep things out of sight. You can opt for floating cabinets or under-island storage. Avoid open shelving units to keep your kitchen airy and roomy. Enjoy! You mus read: European Wall Decor Ideas and Creative Way to Choose Them and Minimalist Home Design Inspirations without Garage. MODERN!.

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